Tic- toc Day Nursery Chiswick

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Toddler Room

As the children get older we cater for this time of great discovery and adventure. Through our wide range of stimulating resources, we can encourage the child’s all round development. The children can get messy with water, sand, paint or dough before going to the garden to climb, ride a bike, kick a ball or push a wooden pram. Fantastic Sack Storytelling fires their imaginations whilst movement to classical music creates a calm thoughtful atmosphere.

The children eat lunch in small groups with the Carers before having a sleep on their own mattresses. Specialist music and dance sessions are provided as an optional extra developing further the normal musical experiences they have in Toddler Room.

Children in this room are from 12 - 18 months to 24 - 30 months of age.

toddler room

'I like feeding Fiona the fish' - nursery child