Tic- toc Day Nursery Chiswick

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Pre-school Room

Pre-School Room promotes a fun, relaxed way of learning, where the children are encouraged to use their imaginations, build friendships, be independent and learn to share. The child’s day is a balanced one.


At Tic-toc Day Nursery, we follow the principle that all aspects of learning should be fun. Literacy and letters are introduced in exciting ways. Maths is incorporated into the various activities throughout the day. This could be counting leaves on a walk or counting how many spoonfuls of ingredients are used during cooking. As an optional extra by external specialist companies.

The children are encouraged to explore and consider their environment, from weather to road safety. Potty training is supported at this stage, alongside parental efforts. Sleep time is also available for those children who still need some rest during the day.


Yoga, ballet, music and dance, and football sessions are provided as an optional extra by an external specialist company. French tuition is also offered as an optional extra to children 3 years of age and older'

The Pre-School Room cares for children from approximately 24 - 30 months to 36 - 42 months of age.

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'The Early Years Foundation Stage is followed throughout the nursery in all rooms. Detailed planning is in place to ensure all children experience a wide variety of activities to enhance their learning in these formative years.

'My favourite thing at nursery is playing with the toys' - nursery child