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Nursery Class

Our Nursery Class is designed to provide children with a positive and happy foundation to their future school life. The curriculum is broad and child-centred. We integrate the Early Years Foundation Stage objectives through structured activities and creating an environment which enables them to reinforce their skills.


We continue to build on the children’s previous knowledge of literacy. We believe the learning should continue to be fun. For example, reinforcing recognition of letters may take the form of drawing letters in sand, making floor size letters with shoes or bending bodies into letter shapes. Names are emphasised by use of labelled pegs, places at tables and in diaries.

Children may play number games, sing number songs or may be asked to count fruit in a bowl. Yoga, ballet, french, football, music and dance tuition is offered as an optional extra.

Outdoor play can begin to hold more of a challenge when they race in teams across an obstacle course or use a magnifying glass to find minibeasts. We encourage children to express themselves in different ways, including through drama, song and dance.

Nursery Class are also the proud performers of our Christmas production and a final graduation ceremony before they leave to go to school. Working as a team they decorate the sets and make masks, as well as learn songs and lines.

The Nursery Class caters for children from approximately 36 - 42 months to 5 years of age.

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'I love being leader of the day' - nursery child