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Care & Communication

Key Carer


Each child has a personal Key Carer in his or her respective room. The Key Carer is responsible for developing and maintaining a detailed knowledge and understanding of your child. From knowing whether your child likes to be patted on the back or have his/her hand held to go to sleep to knowing your child loves apples. The Key Carer develops a strong relationship with your child. Your child’s Key Carer will share information with you and will appreciate lots of information in return. Be sure to leave time at the beginning and the end of each day, where possible, to have a chat with your child’s Key Carer.

Daily Diary


Each room has a personal diary that is completed on a daily basis. It gives a detailed account of your child’s activities throughout the day. The information given is dependent on the age of your child and the room in which they are based.


There is space in the diary for you to let us know if your child has not slept well of if there are any other concerns. You are welcome to take the diary home overnight to read and return it the next time your child attends the nursery.

Learning Journals


As your child progresses from one room to the next you will receive their Learning Journal. Within this there will be special pieces of work, photos and observations that have been carried out in this room. It will show the progress your child has made during their time in the room. Please do share information with us regarding any achievements your child has made as this can be included in your child's Learning Journal on the provided parental observation sheets.

Parents Meetings


Four times a year, you will be offered an opportunity to attend a meeting with your child’s Key Carer.


Whilst your child is still in the care of the nursery, you will have time to sit and discuss your child’s care and progress. You, of course, may ask for a meeting at anytime during the year.

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