Tic- toc Day Nursery Chiswick

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Baby Room

It offers a home-like environment with a strong emphasis on cuddles, love and fun. The babies benefit from a wide range of daily activities, tailored to their individual needs. These activities range from soft visually stimulating toys for the younger baby to more adventurous and challenging equipment, such as tunnels to crawl through and lots to pull up on, for the active baby.

The babies day is a flexible one, each baby continuing their individual routine of feeds and sleep. We supply Huggies or Pampers nappies as well as wipes and Sudocrem. Parents are asked to bring  powdered milk from home though we are happy to provide cows milk once babies have moved to using beakers. Fresh meals are prepared on the premises for the individual child, reflecting the different stages of weaning. Specialist music and dance sessions are provided as an optional extra developing further the normal musical experiences they have in Baby Room.

This room cares for the younger children from 3 months to 12 - 18 months.

baby room baby crawling

Staff encourage language acquisition through conversation, story telling and songs. Messy play is a fun part of the day full of sensory experiences which may include discovering with water, paint or even food.